Partnership Benefits

What are the benefits of partnering with CAS Group?
  • Start business easily with comprehensive support; from the availability of high-quality raw materials, professionally trained human resources, the highest standard infrastructure, and measurable and targeted marketing programs.
  • Have our own internal Research and Development team that continues to innovate, by creating a variety of attractive menus to meet evolving consumer desires and increase competitiveness in business.
  • Have a broad sales channel not only offline, but also available on online sales platforms (Gojek, Grab, and Shopee). Partners will be assisted in the registration process on each of these online platforms
  • Use the best tools and support materials in its class. We use Deep Fryer and Shortening (solid cooking oil) for the frying process.

o  Deep Fryer Benefits:

§  Ayam Goreng matang lebih merata

§  Rasa lebih nikmat dan terkunci

§  Proses memasak lebih praktis

§  Proses memasak lebih aman terhindar dari letupan minyak

§  Suhu lebih stabil

Shortening (solid cooking oil) Benefits:

§  Fried food with minimal oil

§  Long lasting crunchy texture

§  Efficient oil use

§  Healthier, free from trans fat

  • Build a business with an affordable investment value.
  • Strong brand selling point on a national scale, with more than 1.000 outlets throughout Indonesia.
  • Have responsive teams in responding to Partner’s needs.