9 New Outlets by CAS Group!

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Source: Jason Leung/

JAKARTA, March 25th, 2024 – In February, PT Cipta Aneka Selera (CAS Group) closed the month by adding 8 new Yasaka booths and 1 C‘BEZT restaurant. Two BFC Duo Fried Chicken restaurants in Enrekang and Lamasi were rebranded to C’BEZT.

Altogether, there is a total of 2.298 C’BEZT, Yasaka, and WOW outlets which are officially operating across big cities in Indonesia. 

Commenting on its major accomplishments, CAS Group dedicated them to its highly devoted partners and loyal customers. 

“We would like to give our utmost thanks to our partners and customers. We couldn’t have done it without their support.”  

Likewise, CAS Group will continue to expand nationwide to reach more customers and partners. This means continuous innovation and nurturing mutually-rewarding relationships with all of its stakeholders.  

Additionally, the company says it is focusing on consistency, quality offering, and collaboration.  

“This approach has helped us in achieving our goals so far, and we believe it will assist our growth,” said CAS Group. 

Apart from that, CAS Group will continue its series of promotions. The company is confident that this would increase annual transactions as a result. 

BFC Duo and BFC are now rebranded as C’BEZT Express and Yasaka! We are committed to deliver you only the best. Experience our transformation with your beloved family and friends.

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