POS Information

What is POS?

Point of Sale (POS) is a program that provides convenience for business owners to record sales transactions that occur and creates reports based on those transactions. Generally, POS comes in the form of machines, tablets, smartphones, EDC devices, or other devices that can be used for in-store transactions.

CIpta Aneka Selera’s POS Features:
  1. Sales receipt printing
  2. Staff and consumer management
  3. Complete sales report
  4. Cloud-based system
  5. Touch screen
  6. Integrated with accounting software and other softwares
Function of Point of Sale for Business Owners
  1. Record every transaction completely and in detail
  2. Sales reports can be accessed in real time and online
  3. Change selling price quickly and easily
  4. Streamlining transaction processes and ensuring ease and safety for every ongoing transaction.

Click “Home” icon, then click “Other,” then a menu
will appear that can be selected for sales
transaction. Pick items according to the customer’s
order. (Order can be edited in the order basket)

Inform and confirm the amount, type of items, and nominal amount of the transaction to the customer.
There are 3 payment methods namely, cash, card, and digital payment

Receive and calculate the money from the
customer, then click “Total Payment”

Input the amount of money received, then click “Pay” and make sure the amount is appropriate
Wait until the receipt is done printing, then check again with the products
Handover the products and receipt, make sure the products and receipt correspond, and return the change (if any) to the customer