School Days Made Better with C’BEZT and Yasaka Goes to School

Stand C'BEZT in tthe C'BEZT Goes to School event

JAKARTA, March 26th, 2024 – The program C’BEZT and Yasaka Goes to School programs by CAS Group have been running smoothly since November 2021. The primary goal is to create joy, nurture creativity, and inspire students to cultivate interactions beyond classrooms.

This month, PT. Cipta Aneka Selera successfully engaged more than 700 students to participate in C’BEZT Goes to School at four schools in the Palembang and Parung areas. Additionally, the company also managed to organize Yasaka Goes to School at three schools in the Krian and Medan regions, involving a total of 247 children.

CAS Group hopes that C’BEZT and Yasaka Goes to School programs can serve as a means for everyone to share cherished moments to School events!

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