Nurturing Healthy Eating Habits in Children with C’BEZT Safari Series 

Two children sitting at the floor while coloring Coco on paper

JAKARTA, November 2nd, 2023 – As part of our commitment to giving back to the community, CAS Group continues to host C’BEZT Safari at various outlets every month, aimed at cultivating healthy eating habits in children.  

This month, CAS Group organized C’BEZT Safari for a total of 238 children in Malang, Sampang, Kebumen and Pemalang, featuring a cooking class and coloring competition to enhance the excitement. 

All the children were also thrilled when they received Coco merchandise at the end of the event, C’BEZT’s official mascot.  

We would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to our crew for making the C’BEZT Safari series a major success. Stay tuned to the next C’BEZT Safari at your nearest outlet! 

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