Rebranding: From BFC and BFC Duo to Yasaka and C’BEZT!

A girl dressed in black outfit standing in a room with a marker in her hands.

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For the past two years, CAS Group has been embarking on a major rebranding strategy with its two popular brands: BFC Duo and BFC. Moving forward, BFC Duo will be known as C’BEZT Fried Chicken, and BFC as Yasaka Fried Chicken.

The main reason to undergo a rebranding strategy is to provide loyal customers with an elevated range of products, service, and most importantly, experience. So rest assured, this rebranding strategy will not be the typical logo and design change.

CAS Group is confident that undergoing a major overhaul will increase its brand awareness as well as competitiveness in the market.

Backed with a well-researched action plan, this rebranding strategy will also definitely create better value to our partners.

Lastly, CAS Group is also looking at its brands from top to bottom. The goal is not simply to become a friendlier place to get food; instead, this strategy will also focus on how the entire organization can expand its reach, on national or international scale.

If you are a loyal BFC and BFC Duo customer, no need to worry because there will always be C’BEZT and Yasaka, ready to serve you with only the best.

Presently, C’BEZT has a total of 208 outlets across Indonesia, whereas Yasaka 1,943 booths.

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