Learn about Healthy Eating with C’BEZT SAFARI!

PT Cipta Aneka Selera (CAS Group) held C'BEZT Safari through which participants of age 3-5 learned what a healthy diet consists of. In addition, participants also learned about how protein is an essential part of a healthy life.

JAKARTA, July 29th, 2022Healthy eating offers a range of health benefits, especially for young children. These include supporting brain development, growth, and boosting immunity. 

For these reasons, health experts highly encourage parents and educators to instill healthy eating habits from a young age because often these habits will be carried through to adulthood.

On November 19th, PT Cipta Aneka Selera (CAS Group) held C’BEZT Safari aimed at children of age 3-5.

Throughout the event, young participants along with their parents learned what a healthy diet mainly consists of. More specifically, they also learned about why protein plays an essential role in a healthy diet and life.

To make the event more interactive and engaging, CAS Group also offered a cooking session in between so young participants could have had a firsthand experience of preparing C’BEZT’s signature Fried Chicken.

CAS Group expressed gratitude towards all participants and crew who made C’BEZT Safari possible. The company also hoped that all participants had an enjoyable experience and gained valuable insights.

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